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Either by

(i) The 'Contact Form' 

or (ii) By Phone +44 (0)1497 847988. Please leave a message or use the 'Contact Form' if there is no answer.

Once we have communicated, your booking will be confirmedby paying a deposit. The deposit amount will be the cost of 1 participant.

How to Pay

(i) Payment for the deposit can be via bank transfer, a cheque in the post or the  Paypal button below.

(ii)Full payment can be made on the day either by cash, bank transfer, or Paypal.

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Our Real Address

Brecon Beacons Tours
Felindre, Brecon LD3 0TB
+44 (0)1497 847988


Prices are per person and are in UK Pounds Sterling. Prices reduce with more participants. 

A child accompanied by an adult ishalf price

1 Person2 People3 People4 People5 People6 People7 People
Mountains, Monks and Books Tour110555048464544
Historic Beacons Tour114575149474645
Heart of the Park and Waterfall tour124625551494847
The Wild West Tour132665753514948
Black Mountains Ridge hike80404040404040
Black Mountains Ridge hike. Pick-up94474645444342
Twmpa and Hay Bluff56282727262625
Twmpa and Hay Bluff. Pick-up68343231302928
Pen-y-Fan Horseshoe hike94474645444342
Pen-y-Fan Horseshoe hike. Pick-up114575451494745
Carmarthen Fans hike102514947454443
Carmarthen Fans hike. Pick-up118595653504846
Waterfall Country hike100504846454443
Waterfall Country hike. Pick-up120605754514846
Glyn Tarell hike64323130292827
Glyn Tarell hike. Pick-up80403836343230
Cribarth and Henrhyd hike100504846454443
Cribarth and Henrhyd hike. Pick-up118595653504846
Mynydd Illtud hike62313029282727
Mynydd Illtud hike. Pick-up80403836343230
Field Tripsaskaskaskaskaskaskask
Brecon Beacons Holidays 1 nightask129askaskaskaskn/a
Brecon Beacons Holidays 2 nightsask258askaskaskaskn/a
Brecon Beacons Holidays 3 nightsask387askaskaskaskn/a
Brecon Beacons Holidays 4 nightsask516askaskaskaskn/a
All Wales Road Tripn/an/an/a809798789n/a
Southern Half Wales Road Tripn/an/an/a413408402n/a
Northern Half Wales Road Tripn/an/an/a413408402n/a
Why do prices decrease with more participants?

Unlike 'Hire and Reward' operators we  do not make profit on transportation and charge it at cost price divided by the number of participants.

Will there be other people on my tour or hike?

Yes there might be.

How do I know what price to pay?

The per person price will depend on the size of your group, and if any other are already booked on the tour, hike etc.

What happens if I pay a price, but after I have booked, others book on the tour so the price lowers?

In this event the price difference will be refunded to you on the day of the tour, hike etc.

Why is it so expensive for a single person?

A single person will only pay this price if they end up being the only person on the tour, hike etc.

What does Pick-up mean?

Hikes with Pick-up at the end denote collection and drop off at Abergavenny station or your accommodation  before and after the hike. They cost more due to additional fuel costs.

Which tour or hike runs on which day?

There are no fixed days, but when a booking occurs it will fix that tour, hike etc. on that day, so future bookings for the same day will have to join the same itinerary as the earlier booking.